Last Updated:Apr 20, 2023

XOOCITY is a platform that allows users to own virtual land in a replica of Hong Kong in the metaverse. The metaverse is a virtual world that is rapidly growing and becoming more popular as technology advances. In this virtual world, users can buy, sell, and develop NFT-based applications on their virtual land. NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are a type of digital asset that is unique and cannot be exchanged for another asset. They are commonly used in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency.


The replica of Hong Kong in XOOCITY is designed to be a virtual world that visitors can tour and explore, much like a real city. The platform features attractions, skyscrapers, amusement parks, temples, landscapes, shops, and trade expos that are all replicated in the virtual world. This allows users to experience the sights and sounds of Hong Kong in a virtual setting, without having to physically travel to the city. 


The platform also allows users to stake their virtual land, which means they can hold and lock up their assets for a period of time to earn rewards. This provides a way for users to earn passive income from their virtual assets.


XOOCITY is an innovative platform that combines virtual real estate ownership with NFT-based applications to create a unique and immersive virtual world. It provides a way for users to experience the sights and sounds of Hong Kong in a new and exciting way, while also allowing them to earn rewards from their virtual assets.

Internet is going into Web3 era, our Internet operation experience tells us that a localized community will provide sense of belonging to create user stickiness to the platform itself.  Localized services will ultimately allow the businesses to acquire frequent users and profitable from its promptly services. 

Building the most interactive and interesting localized city lifestyle in the Meta world!

Elevate and satisfy people's spirits and desires in a virtual world experience!

Because "ownership" goes way beyond having your name in a contract. With ownership comes the opportunity to build, collaborate, and turn your land into something more than the sum of its parts.  XOOCITY aims to be the ultimate platform as a service for individuals and businesses at every level to enter the metaverse.  Whether you're an individual investor, a creator, a startup, or even a legacy business looking to expand digitally, we provide the infrastructure you need to bring your vision to life.

Xoocity is a global WEB3 commercial metaverse with a focus on cultural and artistic exchange between the East and the West. Through the CitiFi model and leveraging blockchain technology, Xoocity facilitates borderless cultural integration, offering diverse products and services such as enterprise metaverse construction, cross border B2B2C marketplaces, brand NFT design, and digital asset development.
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