Building a global NFT trading platform to promote the development of the NFT market and a closed trading loop
Provide technical matching services for enterprises to help them quickly build WEB3 applications and solutions.
Build an online and offline physical commodity trading platform to provide users with a comprehensive shopping experience.
Build a virtual human social and AI customer service system. To provide a comprehensive social and knowledge transfer experience for To B and individual users.
Provide a virtual card issuance platform. Assist businesses and individuals in obtaining overseas credit cards, facilitating global shopping and payment.
Customers who become our virtual landowners or owners automatically become members of our club and enjoy the platform's dividend rights. Enjoy various high-quality customized services that are prestigious.
Xoocity is a global WEB3 commercial metaverse with a focus on cultural and artistic exchange between the East and the West. Through the CitiFi model and leveraging blockchain technology, Xoocity facilitates borderless cultural integration, offering diverse products and services such as enterprise metaverse construction, cross border B2B2C marketplaces, brand NFT design, and digital asset development.
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