1. What is XOOCITY Metaverse?

XOOCITY is virtual trading and entertainment city, which base on replicate of real city. Every member/player can freely enter this city without any restriction. In this virtual city of Hong Kong, players can enjoy normal life activity, including shopping, visiting museum, playing 3D games, working. Member can also build dream house, join party, watching movie and karaoke, and business activities in the fantastic new world.

2. What is the virtual land NFT of XOOCITY?

In XOOCITY, land assert is important and foundation of every development. We will build virtual Hong Kong city to create 400,000 pieces of lands, 300,000 of them for sale, 50,000 for company own use and strategic technical partners, 50,000 for leasing, we provide low cost entry for members/players who are not wish to buy land to create their presence on XOOCITY 

3. What is Market value of land NFT as an asset?

Each piece of land NFT in XOOCITY is unique and an important virtual asset in the metaverse world, and can be rented to other people for use. The land NFT held by the user will affect its transaction price in the secondary market according to factors such as the city users base, the land classes, the popularity of XOOCITY, the future expectancy, and the trustworthiness of the cooperative partners in the community.
In the near future, XOOCITY will cooperate with different types of partners such as large enterprises, consumer brands, entertainment stars, game and  animation IP, well-known brands, etc. The value of land might soar with the business transaction and demand for lands increase.

4. What is the benefits of being a land owner on XOOCITY?

# Investors can choose to invest in 5 different classes of land NFT assets.

# The land is held in perpetuity with no term.

# Land can be used for own use or leased to other users.

# Land can be trade on the platform's NFT marketplace or other NFT marketplaces.

# The building's height and levels are limited by the size of the land class. Each level of floor can be mint as one NFT for rental purpose.

# Rental income of land owners does not need to share with platform.

# Minimum rental period is ONE week.

# Land owner need to pay 5% transaction stamp duty on the rental properties.

5. Can my technical partners work on XOOCITY?

You are welcome to hire a third party technical provider to build your own metaverse.  However,  a direct Agreement with XOOCITY tech department is a prerequisite to be eligible for a XOOCITY environment. If you have such an Agreement and you want your development partner to have access to a XOOCITY on your behalf you should request XOOCITY for your organization.  As the owner of that land on XOOCTY you can grant your partners access to XOOCITY.  Please note that you as a customer are always completely responsible and liable for any usage (including usage by a Third Party on your behalf) of XOOCITY that was requested by you/for your organization. As a Customer, you shall not issue any warranties or guarantees with respect to XOOCITY to any person. 

6. How is this approach different from traditional consulting?

We look to build solutions from within your metaverse, or on XOOCITY.  By first getting to know you, your vision and your values, we ensure our services match your convictions. Without this level of trust, we would not be able to build on big ideas. 

7. Can virtual land owners apply to all types of businesses?

Land owners can join the virtual city development, including business and trading zone, entertainment zone, 3D game arena , financial districts, and education and school zones.

8. How far can XOOCITY support the development of my platform?

Are you frustrated with the status quo? Do you feel like the current state of business lacks passion and excitement? Do you believe that the future of work must reflect social and environmental values? If so, you are ready to give XOOCITY a try.  We provide one stop solution for your product/service on your meatverse, from technical development, marketing , branding and community building, we have all the services you needed.  

9. What do I get out of a consultation with XOOCITY?

Expect to spend an hour in deep conversation with some of the most interesting people on this side of the XOOCITY.  We will ask questions to unravel the complexity you are trying to overcome and listen to your journey up until now. Then we will brainstorm systemic and designer solutions satisfyingly for you to take home .

10. Why is joining the XOOCITY community so important?

Little is gained by staying in your corner. We hope to elevate a dialogue that critically engages with all sides of organizations. If this is something you would like to contribute to, please don’t hesitate to reach out as soon as possible. Time wasted is a disservice to all.

11. What types of games are available in XOOCITY?

The Game Maker is currently ideal for making role-playing games (RPGs), open world and adventure games. But other game types are, of course, possible. The Game Maker software is also regularly being updated with new features, providing more and more gaming opportunities. If you are a game developer, you are welcome to join our platform, build your game base, and we will recommend our users to play your game together.

12. Is there any moderation in games?

Game owners and their trusted friends will have very basic moderation tools to use within their experience. More serious allegations will be reviewed by The XOOCITY's team when the offending players are reported.

13. What is the Metaverse?

The foremost entry among frequently asked questions about metaverse would obviously refer to its definition. Metaverse is not a product of Facebook, Microsoft, or Google. It is basically a term derived from the 1992 cyberpunk novel “Snow Crash,” which implied a world in which people could interact with each other by using their avatars.  The metaverse is actually a 3D virtual reality that would enable people to interact with each other. You can think of the metaverse as a connected ecosystem of online 3D virtual environments, where users could interact with each other, create assets, play games, work and collaborate with each other. 

14. What are the uses of metaverse?

The next important question that comes into mind when you want to learn Metaverse would refer to its use cases. You might be wondering about the possible value of introducing the metaverse. The first promising use case of the metaverse is evident in the possibilities of using the metaverse for unlocking new marketing and e-commerce opportunities. People can interact and socialize with each other through digital avatars in the metaverse. Brands could capitalize on this factor for identifying favorable marketing opportunities. The metaverse could also open up new opportunities for creating virtual workspaces. For example, enterprises could utilize virtual reality developers for creating customized virtual workspaces suited ideally for company management and employees. You can also discover many other interesting use cases of the metaverse, such as creating virtual learning spaces or virtual tourism. 

15. What are the important traits of the metaverse?

The traits of the metaverse are also one of the notable highlights in metaverse questions for beginners. You should note that the metaverse is a virtual world and could have an extensive range of traits. However, the most crucial traits of the multiverse include interactivity, interoperability, corporeality, and massive economic potential.  Users in the metaverse have the ability to communicate and interact with other users and spaces in the metaverse. 
Avatars and the assets created in the metaverse are easily accessible and operable on different spaces in the metaverse. 
The corporeality trait of the metaverse implies that irrespective of its virtual nature, the metaverse would follow parallels with the real world. For example, the metaverse would also have limited resources.  The most important trait of the metaverse is the economic potential with the possibilities for creating a completely new and full-fledged economy. 

16. What is the role of VR and AR in the metaverse?

Virtual reality offers an immersive experience for anyone who can put on a headset. It enables anyone to see and work in a digital world. With full VR headsets, users can dive into a 360-degree virtual world, where people can move around easily. On the other hand, augmented reality is basically a reflection of the digital world in the real world.  AR-connected glasses could help in driving the development of new 3D virtual environments, while VR could drive better engagement in metaverse participants. 

17. Is the metaverse real?

Among the many Metaverse FAQs which pop up in the minds of beginners, the doubts regarding the existence of the metaverse are quite significant mentions. The excitement around the metaverse cannot provide any substantial assurance for beginners that the metaverse is real. Even if it does not exist in reality, the metaverse is a real concept.  
Nobody knows when the metaverse will become completely functional. Some people point out that the metaverse could become a reality soon in one year. At the same time, others assume that it would take another decade to see a fully functional metaverse. You can find parts of the metaverse coded in different technology solutions and platforms. However, they would take some time to materialize. 

18. What will the metaverse look like?

The next common addition among frequently asked questions about metaverse for beginners would refer to the appearance of the metaverse in the coming years. As Facebook has dived head-on into developing its metaverse, many other companies will be joining in. So, one would reasonably expect different metaverse platforms dedicated to each company.
However, the metaverse would shape up in the future with different companies bringing their individual metaverse into one virtual world. The simplest answer for how the metaverse will look like in the future would point to a 3D version of the internet. Imagine walking on the streets of Hong Kong just by searching for “Hong Kong tourist attractions.” With your VR or AR glasses, you can actually feel the real experience of interacting with information you want. 

19. What is a metaverse company?

The list of Metaverse FAQs could also draw your attention towards the traits of a metaverse company. Interoperability is one of the fundamental aspects of the metaverse, thereby ensuring that few specific enterprises could not dominate the metaverse. Furthermore, the full-fledged economy of the metaverse, including physical and virtual worlds, also features decentralization.
Some of the notable possibilities for a company in the metaverse include a social presence, healthcare, workspaces, entertainment, consumer products, payments, and others. On the other hand, the metaverse has a lot of distance to travel, especially in terms of the development work. As of now, we have multiple virtual worlds which are not connected to each other. So, the prospects for a metaverse company would depend considerably on how the metaverse technology develops in the future. 

20. Is Microsoft Mesh a part of the metaverse?

People trying to learn metaverse also come across examples such as Microsoft Mesh. The virtual reality set of Microsoft surprised everyone at the latest edition of the Ignite conference. Supported by the HoloLens2 technology, Microsoft Mesh has been tailored for use with Microsoft Teams. The introduction of Microsoft Mesh creates new opportunities for developing an ecosystem that can enable shared experiences and virtual presence from any location. 
With the meticulous use of mixed reality applications, Microsoft Mesh can turn into the next big thing for creating workspaces on the metaverse. The discussions about avatars with Microsoft Mesh, which could improve problem-solving and decision-making in work environments, have also shown how Microsoft Mesh can become a part of the metaverse. 

21. What is the Epic Games metaverse?

The introduction of Sony into the metaverse is also another important highlight which catches everyone's attention in Metaverse questions. Sony has entrusted Epic Games with creating their metaverse with an investment of $1 billion. The metaverse has been a dream project of the co-founder of Epic Games, Tim Sweeney. With such a favorable allocation of funds, the Epic Games metaverse could also develop into a promising space in the emerging metaverse. Interestingly, Sweeney has planned for the Epic Games metaverse to be a more open standard in contrast to the idea of monopoly-like Meta. 

22. What Is Blockchain?

Blockchain a public ledger or a distributed database of all bitcoin transactions. It is an open-source technology, information is immutable and anyone can access the details at any time. As Blockchain is a distributed ledger, there will be no control or central authority of records stored.
Anyone in the network can add the data and cannot be deleted or altered further. Usually, the blockchain stores the data in terms of blocks, and those blocks are linked together like a chain and will be encrypted for security.  To validate the transaction here Blockchain uses Proof of Work Mechanism.

23. How Blockchain Can Be Used In Businesses?

By eliminating the middleman, Blockchain permits the secure sharing of business processes like business activities, records and contracts between firms and partners in an encrypted manner. Blockchain Uses cryptography principle to store the data which are impossible to hack, duplicate and misuse. The Transactions will be done on multiple computers in a chain, hence the records are very difficult to alter.

24. What Kind of Data Can Blockchain Store?

Blockchain is a Distributed database that maintains the details of each transaction in a series of blocks and those transactions will be added to the ledger in chronological order. The Stored transaction details in a block called genesis block. 

25. What are the Types of Blockchain?

Public Blockchain - It is a decentralized Open Source platform where anyone who has the internet connection can become a part of the blockchain network and can access current and past records and verify transactions. The purpose of a public blockchain is for mining and cryptocurrency exchanging.
Example: Bitcoin, Ethereum
Private Blockchain - It is a centralized platform with some restrictions and permissions to join the network. These Blockchains are usually used within an enterprise and organization. The purpose of private Blockchain is voting, supply chain management, digital identity, asset ownership, etc.
Example: Hyperledger, Corda
Hybrid Blockchain - It is a combination of both public and private blockchain. This Hybrid Blockchain gives businesses the flexibility to choose what data they want to make public and what data to keep private

26. Is it Possible to Create a Separate Blockchain For a Business?

Of course, it is possible. Even Though the public blockchain is open source, we can't use it to store private records of a business or organization. So, we can leverage the open-source characteristics of the blockchain to build a private blockchain, and after the customization, A business can utilize it to store confidential business data.

27. What is BaaS?

Baas - Blockchain as a Service. Nowadays technology is being available as a rental, similar to that Blockchain-as-a-service gives the enterprises the ability to rent blockchain infrastructure in the cloud. In Detail, the software and hardware required to run blockchain applications are completely provisioned, managed and hosted by the service provider. The Baas partner can build the blockchain network on any blockchain platform such as Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, Corda, Bitcoin, Chain Core, BlockApps or Quorum. 

28. How Much It Would Cost to Setup a Private Blockchain For a Business?

Somewhat a challenging question to answer. The Cost to Setup a Private Blockchain For a Business will vary based on the requirements, blockchain platforms, technologies, and tools we use. Use nearshore and Offshore Blockchain Development Services to cut short the cost.  Or you can talk to our technical team to work out a solution for your need. 

29. Is Blockchain Hackable or Not Hackable?

The codes in Blockchain will be embedded in Digital code and stored in a shared database that protects the data from deletion, tampering, and modification. Though Blockchain is a very influential technology, it is not entirely immune to attacks.

30. What is Blockchain Consensus Algorithms?

Consensus Algorithm, the core part of any blockchain network.  This Consensus Algorithm is responsible for verifying the transaction, balance, and signature. There are different types of Algorithm, the most important implementations are Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (Pos)

Proof of Work:

Producing a proof of work involves solving a mathematical puzzle, this puzzle is solved by the miners and the one who finds the solution will get the miner reward. The process of including the Blocks of blockchain needs high computing power and electricity

Proof of Stake:

The Proof of Stake replaces miners with validators, and ask validator to hold up certain coins as stake. In proof of stack, a validator can validate the transactions depends on the number of cryptocurrencies he/she holds. That is the more bitcoins you own the more bitcoin mining power you have. 

31. Key features of Blockchain?

Decentralized - No central authority to monitor, instead, all your activities will be stored in a public distributed ledger
Enhanced Security - All the Information on the Blockchain is hashed cryptographically that is the network will hide the input data through the mathematical puzzles.
Distributed Ledger - Every information about the transaction and participants are distributed to every node in the blockchain network.
Consensus Algorithm- This Consensus Algorithm is responsible for verifying the transaction, balance, and signature.

32. How Does Blockchain Work?

Initially, the node starts a transaction by signing it with a private key via cryptography. Once the transaction is validated it is included in blocks called the genesis block. The new block will become a part of the ledger.  whenever the new block is added, the transaction will be reconfirmed. Six confirmations are required in a network to consider the transaction final.

33. What is Double Spending in Blockchain?

Double Spending is the process of spending money more than once, and it heads to inflation. To dismiss this approach, blockchain-based cryptocurrencies like bitcoin use a Consensus mechanism known as Proof-of-work. Here the Blockchain Technology prevents Double Spending by verifying the transaction from multiple users in the network.

34. Is it Possible to Create Token On Ethereum Blockchain?

Yes, it is possible to create a token on the ethereum blockchain, Since ethereum is an open-source blockchain, it has a lot of library packages and has its predefined standards like ERC20, ERC721, ERC222, ERC723, ERC1155 and more for developers to create tokens on ethereum.

35. How Blockchain differs from Traditional Database?

The Primary Difference between Blockchain And Traditional database is Architecture - Blockchain uses Distributed Ledger Technology whereas Database utilizes client-server architecture.
Integrity - Blockchain Supports data integrity whereas, in the database, there is a possibility for malicious activity
Transparency - Blockchain offers High Transparency Whereas in Database admin has the control.