Xoocity Metaverse
Xoocity Land NFTs provide ownership, development rights, profit-making rights, management rights, and social rights for virtual land in the metaverse. They serve as valuable assets for commercial or entertainment purposes, enhancing reputation and position on the platform. Xoocity's replication of Hong Kong's landscape adds allure, while scarcity increases the exclusivity and desirability of land NFT ownership.
Metaverse Blockchain
Xoocity Land NFT allows users to own the ownership, development rights, profit making rights, management rights, social rights, etc. of the virtual land, which can be used for commercial or entertainment purposes, as well as as as a profitable metaverse asset, while enhancing users' reputation and position on the platform.
Xoocity is a global WEB3 commercial metaverse with a focus on cultural and artistic exchange between the East and the West. Through the CitiFi model and leveraging blockchain technology, Xoocity facilitates borderless cultural integration, offering diverse products and services such as enterprise metaverse construction, cross border B2B2C marketplaces, brand NFT design, and digital asset development.
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