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Published:Dec 21, 2023
What will the Xoocity metaverse provide to users?
We will spend at least a few hours having the most interesting and in-depth conversations with our clients. We will ask some questions to clarify the complexity you are trying to overcome and listen to your demands until the end. Then, we will brainstorm the system and designer's solutions to bring you home with the most satisfactory executable solution.
What is the virtual land NFT for XOOCITY?
In XONCITY, the ownership and use rights of land are the most important and the foundation for the establishment and development of each project. We will build a virtual Hong Kong city where we will create 400000 pieces of land, of which 300000 will be sold, and an additional 100000 pieces will be reserved for the company and strategic technology partners to rent. We provide low-cost entry barriers for members/players, and users who do not want to purchase land can also establish their project foundation by renting land. The land we sell will be manufactured into NFTs for investors to purchase and hold. The sold land NFT can be used to develop a series of application scenarios, which can be buildings or various applications inside buildings. Adjacent land between landowners can also form a community or different commercial blocks and land.
Can virtual landowners be applicable to all types of enterprises?
Landowners can participate in the development of virtual cities, including commercial and trade areas, entertainment areas, 3D gaming arenas, financial areas, education and school campuses.
What types of games does XOOCITY have?
Creating role-playing games (RPGs), open world, and adventure games is currently an ideal choice for game developers. But other types of games are also possible. Game developers software also regularly updates new features to provide more and more gaming opportunities. If you are a game developer, welcome to join our platform and establish your game base. We will recommend our users to play your game together.
Is there any restraint in the game?
Game owners and their trusted friends will use very basic auditing tools in their experiences. When reporting violators, XOOCITY's team will review more serious allegations.
To what extent can Shuyu City support the development of my platform?
Are you feeling frustrated about the current situation? Do you feel that the current business lacks passion and excitement? Do you think future work must reflect social and environmental values? If that's the case, you're ready to try the metaverse of XOOCITY. We provide a one-stop solution for your products/services, providing all the services you need from technology development, marketing, brand building, and community building.
Xoocity is a global WEB3 commercial metaverse with a focus on cultural and artistic exchange between the East and the West. Through the CitiFi model and leveraging blockchain technology, Xoocity facilitates borderless cultural integration, offering diverse products and services such as enterprise metaverse construction, cross border B2B2C marketplaces, brand NFT design, and digital asset development.
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