XOOCITY Is All Set to Launch Hong Kong City in the Metaverse

Date: 2023-07-15


XOOCITY has been a part of the digital ecosystem for a while, believing in the potential of building a digital metaverse for the interaction of the community. Being the first virtual land ownership platform built as a replica version of Hong Kong city, XOOCITY is creating an environment that makes people feel at home. While creating a metaverse in alignment with the city, it will allow users to sell, stake, and develop NFTs against it. XOOCITY is not residing in a single mega-city but intends to continue its journey in creating metaverses out of real cities, presenting a complete multitude of tourist attractions, buildings, skyscrapers, and landscapes.

There are multiple products that can be found in the XOOCITY ecosystem. From the basic idea of creating virtual lands, it has worked on creating a B2B Marketplace, which is a diverse professional market created in a digital environment. While people interact in the metaverse, XOOCITY is creating a system where users can follow a 24-hour trading system. This AI-powered system is looking to change the basic conceptions of running a business in the digital space.

While XOOCITY intends to attract the market with its virtual tourist attractions, it will continue building the best versions of this idea for its target audience. As glitter always attract a good eye, XOOCITY believes that the key to interaction is to create a perfect environment. This is why tourist attractions have been eyed as the key source in the whole user acquisition process. Along with that, multiple virtual exhibitions are being looked at as a form of commercial communication in the metaverse.  This will help people get in touch, bringing diversity to a unified point. The vision is constructive, and the mission of this project is to provide a global vision to the people through digital accessibility of a virtual Hong Kong.

Recently, XOOCITY announced the next step to digital supremacy in their metaverse. The project is looking forward to launching its NFTs, which will be beneficial for the people who are part of the digital metaverse. Owning an NFT will be equivalent to being an owner of the land in the metaverse, which will bring more benefits in the form of perks and control in the space. The ideology of having the metaverse land is similar to that of the real world, where people would work through their daily tasks and trades with ease. 

With numerous virtual lands to sell, XOOCITY has also worked in creating virtual shops in the digital space that will help land owners run complete businesses within the metaverse. The products presented by the project are exceptional and are wholly focused on bringing ease of trade and commerce accessibility for the users. With the launch of NFTs, XOOCITY won't stop working on improving the metaverse and bringing digital harmony on bigger scales.


XOOCITY is the first virtual land ownership platform replicating a huge city in actuality. Taking the idea from Hong Kong city, the project has started its digital journey in building virtual lands and presenting various virtual facilities such as trade shows, conventions, exhibitions, B2B/B2C marketplaces, entertainment centers and tourist attractions by creating a similar set of buildings that are known in the place. While creating an interactive platform as a metaverse, it is all set to launch its land NFTs to create value for its project.

Media Contact:  info@xoocity.com